Some RECENT Website Creations

We’ve built several web businesses and communities now, working with dozens of clients, hundreds of customers, and thousands of users over the span of our career. We have experience with everything it takes to create and run a successful web & graphic business, from scratch to completion.


Some RECENT Logo Designs

Preview of Branding Manual Book & DVD (This material is subjected to copyrights)

This video show how’s SST branding Manuel catalog DVD preview is. there you can see It has all type of logo formats with its acceptable logo variation. Also, there is some office document design with SSt logo. It makes life easier than making just a logo.


Some RECENT Software Development

Newtor L2

A scientific computer program that was designed to demonstrate, calculate and other scientific validation of Newton's second law. By using this program the user able to verify how Newton's second law works and its various forms in physics.


Learning management system. user can work with a network/team environment. The access level of a certain user is differs according to the institute hierarchy. Generate reports, student management and task scheduling etc.

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