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We are urgently looking for lots of work, so will charge very competitive prices for very high-end work. Our support is personal and individual to every client. In that case we don’t have much time for answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). So, please be kind to browse this page, if you found nothing at here. Then please leave a question on the right message box.

Our work is up to date with the latest technologies and systems. We build modern & unique websites which are always optimized for mobiles and tablets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Card Payment

Most of our services and product you can buy here at https://axault.com/pricing via paying through our online payment gateway (Powered by Payhere.lk)

Local banking (Sri Lankan Rupees aka LKR)

Payee Name Axault Systems
Account Number 105214019560
Reference Number ORDER NUMBER
Payee Name Axault Systems
Account Number 200760040456
Reference Number ORDER NUMBER


In addition, You can pay by Wire-Transfer(Bank deposit), Cheque (Cheques should be drawn in favour of Axault Systems and crossed), or Cash. We require a 60% deposit upfront before any work is done, and the remaining balance at the end (Before the Deployment/Handover). Once research, resources allocated or design work has commenced on a project, this deposit is non-refundable (after 24hours).

Please note: ‘Stater’ package is agreed to pay the total amount in advance. 



You will get a website demo link as well as progress updates by weekly. It includes 4 phases

  • Phase I – Layout demo (Free / image or video)
  • Phase II – Functional demo (60% of T0tal)
  • Phase III – Functional site (40% of Total)
  • Phase IV – Deployment 


After you contact our support team, you will receive a design proposal within 24 to 72 hours. We call it demo website which is not optimized for high-speed page loading, Rich typography (fonts) Chosen theme colour, and its content is not complete(placeholder text). This phase only for preview and do not share with others.


You can fill out these forms, or email us at info (at) axault.com(with the subject “Quote ! Important“). Try to include as much detail as possible, along with examples that may help illustrate your ideas.

Of course, you can.
The first help ticket is free.
Our minimum rate is Rs. 1500 for any given task, no matter how short or small it is.

However, If you really need it, again and again, we recommend you to buy our webmaster package.




Anything that helps us complete the web design requirements. Mainly you must submit our completed Requirements specification form(submit here), Additionally, It can be your Company profile, photos, content, logo source file, an example of sites you like, About, CEO Message, long and brief description about your services and product,  or it can be domain DNS manage privileges/ hosting panel login information etc. more info please contact your project developer/designer.

It’s a good question, Why don’t you hire us,
We are professional, reliable, and get the job done well. We don’t show you the website design proposal unless we are proud of it. Our experts will help your company achieve the results you desire. Our customer service is rated as exceptional, and you will find out why when you contact us!

If it’s not your expected answer, Feel Free to contact Axault Team.



NOTE: If you have any custom requirement kindly let us know, our customer experience team is available on (+94)11 3640155 / (+94)78 98 51 606 and we will be happy to assist you further in requirement.

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