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If you are a businessman or a manager, then “this is a post you must read”, the existence of a website owned by the organization gives you the ability to reach the local and international market and also provides the ability to better highlight the market stability, openness and legality of the business.
No matter how well-regarded the company is, using the free email account can cause problems for the company’s image. So all our websites have email facility under domain name.
Did you know that 70% of internet users use the site to find local businesses? If your website isn’t in the search results, you’re losing business every day of the year.

Ranking your website in a search engine (such as Google search) is one of the most powerful factors. Just because you have a website it may not be among the Google search results requires special processing and it is a service that every one of our websites has.

Often, customers tend to look for the product or service that suits their wallet in several places rather than in one place. Among them, the Internet takes a major place, but if you do not have an Internet space, you are more likely to miss out on the aforementioned customer base. Therefore, having a website is a must to have a place of your own on the Internet.
Just having a Facebook page is not the hallmark of a profitable organization.

But, using your business fb page as well as google plus, twitter and LinkedIn business listings (business listing/directory) is very important for successful marketing. This will connect them to your website and directly to you, millions of social media users. This is a premium service but basic settings are offered for each package

All this allows you to advertise your business and introduce your service to the modern world without paying any extra money, sell goods and services online, book, or connect with your agent.

With each of our web packages,
✅ Web address and hosting are free for the first year.
✅ Embedding a business Facebook page and linking it to the website
✅ Email addresses including domain name (ex. [email protected])
✅ Creating a compatible website for multiple devices.
✅ Editing and embedding content attractively
✅ Retouch and insert photos and videos as needed.
✅ Incorporating SEO Basic Plans.

Get demo for free in 72 hours . That way you can see a photo of your future website without spending any money.
Book your demo today and start building your website today

Even if the dollar has skyrocketed, create your website at the same old price.

► Car Sales
► Automobile Service and Repair workshop
► Automobile spare-part shop
► Engineering Company
► Vehicle retail & Cab services
► Travel & Tours Agency/company
► Foreign job/Education agencies
► Tour and business air ticketing, Hotel booking agencies
► Nursing-home, hospital, medical center and channeling service
► Pharmacy and pharmaceutical manufacturers
► Education Institutes and universities
► School/college leavers and batches club
► And free non-profit institute website design(*conditions apply)

Something that exists on the internet instead of websites that go down every two days. Do it in the right place and in the right way. Professional website design with no downtime, legal issues and hidden fees.

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