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Slide Do it in Axault way. OUR METHOD 01. Need + Requirement 02. Research + Analysis 03. Design concept 04. Examine with customer satisfaction 05. Development 06. Testing + Deployment 07. Evaluation + Promotion
We use our proven iterative approach to each design and development project. With this 7 step methodology, once the preliminary requirements are clear, the next step is to prototype your website. From then on, this prototype continues to evolve until it becomes the final product.
Our methodology which defines the project life-cycle as follows,
Please note: Those methods are only for Platinum package. but most of them included in every package

01. Need + Requirement

By meeting and completing our Deployment Guide with you, we establish the project goals and schedule, identify the target audience, and tailor the creative brief to your specific set of objectives.
  • Needs assessment and strategy meeting where we all complete Deployment Guide
  • Understand who will use the Web site and establish personals
  • Identify comparables
  • Understand and prioritize user goals and organizational goals
  • Understand existing challenges
  • In 3 business days
Deliverables: Signed contract and Deposit, Deployment Guide, Work plan/schedule

02. Research + Analysis

We gather all available data content from you, such as company profiles, product descriptions, or publications and brochures and any branding guide. Thereafter, we research the industry and all other relevant information sources to familiarize ourselves with your particular line of business along with your competition and your audience.

  • Review existing Analytics
  • Identify the primary and secondary tasks users need to complete
  • Establish calls to action
  • Identify and confirm all functional specs
  • Develop technical scope
  • Create or confirm the site architecture (sitemap)
  • Produce Wireframes for key pages and page templates including a version for each major break point
  • Establish colour schemes and fonts and icon styles
  • Schedule weekly status calls
  • in & business days

Deliverables: Sitemap, Wireframes, Creative Brief

Essential to the design process is to prepare a Creative Brief outlining design elements, which includes establishing sitemaps, building wireframes in combination with your brand. We then prepare your very own web based “Concept Review” portal which lists all the wireframes, mock-up’s provided for you to access during the review process.
The documentation, in the initial stages of design, will include the initial specifications of the components Axault Team will customize and develop. With the help of the feedback loop, this will be refined to the point where it can be used as the starting point of functional requirements used for development.

Defining Requirements & Concept Design includes:

  • Develop project work plan, functional specs
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Personals and use cases established
  • Consultation and direction for sitemap restructuring including UX design
  • Develop an overall taxonomy and site architecture
  • Several pages / page templates to wireframe (including the major break points)
  • Several pages designed (including the 3 break points)

03. Design concept

During this stage, we begin the process of developing the site’s “metaphor,” its look and feel, the flow of content throughout the site, the logical organization of the site’s information, and its functionality.
Our design process is uniquely different from other agencies. Axault designers will start with one set of design concepts at a time with iterations of feedback to narrow in on the final design. This linear approach enables us to fully invest our creative efforts on the best design concept based on the direction of the Creative Brief rather than spending wasted time on multiple creative compositions that will not be used. We have found this process brings better value to the client through saving time, resources, and rupees.

  • Creative brief approved
  • Web Site architecture finalized
  • Menu arrangement finalized
  • Mock-ups for key pages prepared and reviewed (including major break points)
  • Designs are updated based on the iterative feedback
  • Approved design concepts
  • In 3-4 weeks

Deliverables: Concept Review Portal, Mockups for layout designs of the home page for the major breakpoints. Mockups for layout designs of all remaining pages as per the scope requirements for the major breakpoints, Functional Brief.

04. Examine with customer satisfaction

Examin current status of web site with client requirement. This stage client have special chance to re-think how should be his site. This is The intermision,

Deliverables: Introducing new features and functionalities

05. Development

With your approval of the Design Concept, we develop the site in full using approved graphics, content, navigation, content management system and customized functionality.

  • Source and review additional graphics and imagery
  • Alpha release CSS/HTML responsive versions of the approved design concepts
  • CMS configured and templates coded
  • Development web server is setup and configured
  • Beta release is the fully functional prototype of the website
  • Functionality testing & Client review per release; capture feedback + iterate
  • Content Migration
  • Domains are transferred and email accounts are setup
  • Provide access to JIRA and real-time status updates and issue tracking
  • 5-7 Weeks depending on the scale and scope of the functionality and revisions

Deliverables: Alpha Release, Testing environment, Beta Release, Issue tracking

06. Testing + Deployment

We test your web site to ensure it is cross-browser compatible and to evaluate its performance. This is the time when we may modify the site for performance gains. Thereafter, we deploy the web site from the development server to your live production web server in preparation of the live release.

We provide our clients access to the JIRA issue tracker to track any issues and the resolutions throughout the different phases of the project where you will have access to review and contribute as well. During the testing phase, we run various use cases on the staging server that is identical to your live server prior to the site’s launch.
Our testing routine includes:

  • Issue tracking and debugging using JIRA issue tracking
  • Review content, forms, functionality and graphic consistency
  • Bugs and errors during each sprint and throughout the release
  • Validated Markup and CSS testing
  • Load testing on production server
  • Usability testing during alpha and beta (measure how well the Web page allows a user to accomplish goals)
  • Platform, browser and screen resolution testing during beta and live
  • Performance and optimization testing throughout staging and live server
  • Rigorous Accessibility AODA compliance testing during beta release 2-4 weeks

Axault has developed a live release checklist which includes procedures for deployment including testing links, downloads, forms, error messages, search results, CMS performance and security like email notifications and password protected areas. We do all of this before releasing the beta website for deployment.

Website Deployment Checklist

  • Editor and admin training
  • Workflow established and Users migrated,
  • Editor Accounts created
  • SEO metadata updated
  • Have access to DNS record management or know the people to contact
  • Set up the DNS records and make sure that all the settings are correct
  • Set up and test the website on the production server (where it will live)
  • Set up email and website SMTP
  • Back up the old site (if applicable) and deploy the new one

Deliverables: Test Plan and testing environment, resolved issues, SEO Plan, Training, Deployment Plan, Website in deployable state

07. Evaluation + Promotion

Digital solutions are not finite so after the web site is fully functional and live, we provide complete support to our clients, including evaluation, training for content and site management, upgrades, and any required security updates or patches.
Our work is guaranteed so any bugs or errors are addressed at no extra cost during the warranty period or with a support plan. Modify/revise the website plan accordingly and make changes, revise goals and begin the next planning and implementation cycles. Develop goals based upon evolving business objectives.

  • Determine who is responsible for site support and administration
  • Post deployment checklist
  • Support and maintenance tasks
  • Uptime monitoring, backup and ongoing performance testing
  • Promotion
  • Search engine submissions and directories
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing during the term of the engagement

Deliverables: Alpha Release, Testing environment, Beta Release, Issue tracking

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